REALX is a Real Estate Ecommerce (RECOMMERCE) marketplace.

REALX is a new way to buy, hold and sell real estate. REALX allows people to purchase fractional ownership rights in properties sold by sellers on the platform.

REALX is a revolution in how it opens up the world of Real Estate options for you

  • Now you can buy property through smaller investments
  • Buy from savings and not from loans
  • Hold as you want and sell when you want
  • Earn rentals (or part rentals) from properties you hold
  • Create a portfolio of various property investments – across choicest of locations, builders and property types

Excited!! So are we.

What Users Say

Being a blockchain enthusiast I got very intrigued by the idea of fractional ownership rights being recorded on it. How it all happens and how one feels -being able to own a part of something otherwise beyond one's reach.. I had to see it for myself so I registered. I must say these guys are building up something very innovative. Looking forward to see it's sustained presence in times to come...Kudos to the team!

- Aditya Maan, Buyer

I always thought that investment in real estate requires lot of efforts in terms of due diligence, travelling, registration hassles, etc. Pleasantly surprised to see I could buy it sitting in my office with just a laptop and internet. No leaves required to make real estate purchases going forward.

- Kapil Kumar, Buyer

I knew Equity, Mutual Funds, Insurance, even Gold being available in digital format. First time heard property can also be bought digitally. High rental yield commercial properties were always available to big ticket investors offline, RealX is offering them in smaller affordable parcels online. This is paradigm shift in the way people think about real estate.

- Rakesh Kaul, Buyer

I liked the idea from the start but was skeptical about the legal challenges the model may face. With the first transaction over now I’m pretty much sure that the team has worked hard on the structure to make it compliant with law of the land.

- Ketan, Buyer

How RealX Works

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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO
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Raghvendra Kulkarni

Neera Inamdar

Co-founder and Head Business Development
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Yashwinder Singh

Yashwinder Singh

Co-founder and Head Channel Development
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Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta

Co-Founder & CTO
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